King Joshua / New Episode:Welcome in my house

3 aprile 2019
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3 aprile 2019 Roberto Valle

King Joshua / New Episode:Welcome in my house

Kumusic for King Joshua Podcast: Welcome in my house




01) GROJ – SITH (Original Mix)


02) Andreas Henneberg – Cologne (Original Mix)


03) Arm In Arm – Hunger For Your Vibe (Moonwalk Remix)


04) Denis Horvat, Lelah – Noise feat. Lelah (Original Mix)


05) Doppel – Icarus (The Journey Remix)


06) Dan Barrow – Tokyo (Original Mix)


07) Da Fresh – Goosebumps (Original Mix)


08) Tiger Stripes – Sneaking Hotdogs into People’s Pockets (Original Mix)


09) La Baaz, Moosfiebr, Mar Dean – NeoDisko (Khainz Remix)


10) Super Flu – Lord Extra (Original Mix)


11) David Penn, ATFC – Dynamite (Extended Mix)


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King Joshua’s Biography

Born in Italy but world citizen, his music has been sounding the sound system of the coolest dance floor of the planet for years, bringing him to collaborate with many international artists in the industry, without ever looking for fame or reflector lights. Over the years he has satiated his soul of experiences, developing a passion for refined and well-defined sounds with the aim of educating his sensibility and his ear to create a musical identity for the most needy clubbers “In each of my song there’s a mood of mine, something that I lived and I feel”. Thanks to his study work and extensive musical culture that was collected by wandering through the streets of the world, he developed a versatility in adapting to every kind of situations reporting in his productions all the colours of his emotions. His “journey” has brought him to mature the most beautiful emotion in the world: the Happiness and he decided to make it listen to you too. “Now I feel ready, I know I can make people smile when they listen to my music. ” Now I can give a name to my sound and I decided to call it JOSHUA!”